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Welcome to Tamarack. We are procurement specialists led by global mining industry experts, here to innovate, collaborate and change the mining procurement landscape through group purchasing. We help mining companies conduct procurement that is streamlined, data-driven, cost-saving, creative and community building. We think it’s fun too.
This is mining procurement, done differently.

Our Solutions

Develop a roadmap to savings with bespoke consulting services. Tamarack deploys a team of experts to conduct spend analytics and drive measurable bottom-line improvement.  Strategic sourcing and ESG goal adherence are among the services that our members use to improve their performance and improve their outcomes. We tailor-fit our solutions to each challenge.


Our procurement services help mining companies fill personnel and expertise gaps and offer a seamless transition into our GPO savings.  We already have boots on the ground near you and we’re here to help.

Group Purchasing

The bedrock of group purchasing is negotiated volume pricing for members of the buying group. For Tamarack Mining Services, that’s just the beginning. 


You won’t find any random acts of procurement here – we build buying communities, grow demand with streamlined efficiencies, and foster a mining supply ecosystem that advances the needs of our member mining companies, matching them with world class suppliers who are vetted and ready to deliver.


Membership is free and starts with free spending analytics and benchmarking, followed by our data-driven recommendations and access to our contract library to select contracts that work for you.


Our approved suppliers are an important part of our community. Our buying group is a channel partner accelerator, and our members benefit from having the best suppliers from near and far including supplier partners from our diversity and innovation program that offer tailored solutions for Tamarack members.


Meet the Tamarack Team

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Meet Tamarack


Delivering extensive experience where mining and global procurement intersect. 

The Tamarack Story

Tamarack is a Canadian based Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) exclusively serving the mining industry, created from a combined 50+ years of boots-on-the-ground international mining procurement and supply chain work. The experience left us with a glaring certainty – there is a better way to conduct mining procurement that benefits the industry, suppliers and the mining eco-system as a whole.


Tamarack’s vision and process is the answer to archaic, siloed and one-off procurement practices. It borrows the best of procurement innovation from other industries and is reimagined to serve the unique needs and geographies of the mining industry. This is mining procurement done differently – together, member-led, intentional and better.  Our work is data driven, member focused, and proven with measurable outcomes.


Ben-Schoeman Geldenhuys

Tamarack’s CCO, co-founder and mining industry and markets collaborator.

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Jacques Erasmus


Tamarack's Chief Financial Officer and avid industry watcher. 


Lee Barter

Tamarack’s co-founder and enthusiast for sticky problems and big picture solutions. 


Gordon Bogden


Tamarack's Advisory Board Chair and global mining industry leader. 


Daniel Snowball

Tamarack's procurement leader and seasoned mining road warrior.


Tane Uribarren

Tamarack’s leader for LATAM and enthusiast for margin improvement & cost reduction.


Julien Bertone

Tamarack's sourcing specialist and detail oriented leader. 

Jean Vavrek.jpg

Jean Vavrek

Tamarack's leader for Eastern Canada with deep roots in Canadian mining.


Fernando Bonilla

Tamarack's sourcing specialist and collaborator for the LATAM market.


Mauricio Caso

Tamarack's legal lead for LATAM and contract specialist.


Erinn Graham-Barter

Tamarack's community outreach and marketing resource.


The Tamarack Team is always looking to add dynamic sourcing specialists and supply chain experts. If you want to use your expertise to join a community focused on procurement transformation in the mining industry, drop us a line.


Tamarack Team Spotlight: 
Gordon Bogden

“Procurement that improves ASIC and builds community is game changing.”

Gordon Bodgen is a mining insider with a strong foundation in advancing the metals and mining development process and getting to the heart of economic partnership.  Geophysicist, turned mining investment banker, turned mining CEO, then private equity investor, Gordon has used his various platforms to champion innovation at every juncture.  Most recently, Tamarack’s model for mining procurement caught his attention because, “Tamarack’s innovation touches on two fundamental requirements for innovation – shared purpose and collaboration.” 

Procurement is the kernel of mine development, and getting it done right – with real partnership and a shared goal of increased efficiency, value and engagement is innovation at the right place, at the right time. “Mining is siloed.  It takes an internal champion to make collaboration happen and via a GPO, mining companies can access a conduit for education and collaboration that yields economic benefit.  The message is straightforward: you’ll be more profitable if you put your elbows down and work together.”

When it comes to examining what it takes to grow meaningful partnerships and economic sharing, Gord has walked a mile in those shoes. He led the first successful shared benefit agreement negotiation with the Nisga’a Nation in British Columbia that resulted in unprecedented engagement and outcomes, and with local communities in Burkina Faso that yielded in tangible benefits and sustained engagement.  And his commitment to the mining industry has had many more tentacles, moving out in all directions including the role of former Chairman of the Board for Canadian Mining Innovation Council (CMIC), a founding member of the Advisory Council of the Development Partner Institute (DPI). “Partnership isn’t an introduction or gesture – partnership is a process of becoming – and it requires listening, trust and economic sharing”.

Roll this thinking into the spending decisions that miners make every day, and the picture becomes even clearer.  “The 50% of AISC that lives outside of the mine has been starved for attention.  Tamarack introduces an opportunity for miners to come together, to develop a strong procurement strategy that integrates meaningful partnership from the start.” 

Gordon joins Tamarack Mining Services as Chair of the Advisory Board

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