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Better as a member
A Person in the hat with a backpack on the background of gold mine. Kalgoorlie. Australia.

New to Tamarack?

​Welcome to Tamarack. We are the only group purchasing organization (GPO) focused on the mining industry, and our procurement strategy brings a whole new model to mining buyers, suppliers, and the communities that are part of the mining eco-system. Keep reading to understand who we are, what we do, where you fit in, and how to join our purchasing community.​


What is a Tamarack member?

We use the word Members to describe the mining companies that participate in our group procurement. Our procurement method makes buying easier and faster and delivers significant savings. Through the use of our contract library or by participating in group negotiations, our members are innovating their procurement practices and improving their bottom lines.

Members form the bedrock of our procurement model, and together we shape markets.

Tamarack is also committed to using innovative procurement practices to improve the existing model for partnership and resource sharing in North America. We work with Indigenous suppliers and communities to increase participation beyond JVs – real partnership is the change we want to see.

Membership is just the beginning

Price benchmarking, ready-to-adopt contracts, teams dedicated to technical requirements testing, market analysis, procurement partnerships, group negotiation tables, and demonstrated AISC savings. 


Free for Tamarack members.


Moving the needle to serve the industry better.

Tamarack partners with world class suppliers that are bold and stand up to the challenge of moving mining procurement into a more efficient, more cost effective and better planned future. 


What is a Tamarack supplier?

We use the word Supplier partner to describe the global, regional, and local supply companies that serve our mining members across North America.

Global suppliers work with us because we offer increased commitment, increased volume and increased competitiveness. We also offer a channel for new market entry.

Regional and local suppliers work with us to lower their cost of sales, scale their businesses, and increase their visibility & competitiveness, and credibility.

Become a Supplier Partner

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