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Tamarack is a buying consortium of leading mining companies in North America.  As the first group purchasing organization (GPO) for the mining industry, we do things a little (well, a lot) differently.

We pool spending, collaborate to build efficiencies, and have a shared vision for procurement that offers value and opportunity for suppliers prepared to meet the challenge. Tamarack takes its suppliers through the front door of procurement offices, from boardrooms to mine sites, providing commitment, visibility, competitiveness and credibility to our supplier partners.  
Supplier advantage


The largest channel partner in mining supply

As a GPO dedicated to mining, we deliver purchasing scale for industry suppliers. 


Increased Visibility

Working with us is an open door to reach billions in procurement spending. Share your breakthrough solutions with the whole industry in one step, be profiled by Tamarack to share your company story & solutions, and have us as a partner every step of the way.

Increased Credibility

Amplify your brand and enter new markets. Join a catalogue of vetted, industry leading, local and global suppliers to establish or expand your footprint in the mining industry. 

Increased Commitment

Suppliers that can meet the scale up that group procurement brings are rewarded with lower cost of sales, fewer RFPs, and increased commitment.

Increased Competitiveness

Supplying at scale and working with a GPO boosts your ability to compete, come out ahead in the market, and gives time back to your team to deliver on your company's goals. 

Become Supplie

How We Source: Become an Approved Supplier

Tamarack is a Group Purchasing Organization, representing mining companies that collectively form our membership.  We negotiate on behalf of our members, to place high value contracts in the market. 

Reach out to us to begin a conversation about how & where we work, our contracting process, and how to become an approved supplier.

Tamarack Supplier Diversity & Innovation Program

Tamarack is committed to supporting and enhancing the ESG goals of the mining community and believes that a vibrant mining economy depends on a vibrant supplier eco-system.


Our Supplier Diversity Program uses the power of group purchasing to increase Indigenous, and BIPOC participation in the mining supply chain and seek strategic partnerships for the benefit of the whole mining community.

Innovative suppliers, providing new solutions that speak to the needs of a growing industry with ambitious sustainability goals, may also qualify for a group contract.  

Tamarack is committed to supporting and enhancing the ESG goals of the mining community and fostering the mining eco-system with diverse suppliers that deliver exceptional products and services. We use the power of group purchasing to increase Indigenous participation in the mining supply chain and seek strategic partnerships for the benefit of the whole mining community.

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Tamarack's members pool procurement spending across Canada, the US, Mexico and further afield

> $6 billion
in member spending

member mines
Supplier Stories
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Borealis Fuels and Logistics – Tamarack’s supply partner in the propane and natural gas category – delivers savings, relieves mine’s technical and supply chain woes, and offers additional value to the community.

A top-tier international mining company worked closely with Tamarack to improve its supply chain at its two underground mines and metallurgical complex in North America.  One of the mine’s goals was to overhaul its propane supply by securing a contract that would deliver improved service levels, bring deeper technical expertise, and ultimately lower its annual mine heating costs.


Following a technical and operational assessment, Borealis were able to propose a solution that hit all the targets. A key focus was on the supply transition, ensuring that the benefits of the new supply model were achieved with minimal disruption. Over a year in, the mine continues to enjoy lower heating costs and has benefitted from increased technical expertise across several areas, including a new portal heater installation project.


Borealis’ depth of expertise, and ongoing commitment to great service exemplifies what Tamarack’s GPO supply partners bring to our mining members. Borealis is a Canadian Certified Aboriginal Business and operates throughout Canada and the United States.

Tamarack’s Member Community

Our member base is always growing.  Every member grows our community of like-minded buyers tracking savings, improving procurement processes, staying on top of the mining supply market, and carving new paths with suppliers and stakeholders. 
In good company - suppler
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