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Local and Indigenous communities are a critical part of the mining ecosystem and Tamarack's model for mining procurement paves the way for more inclusivity for Indigenous communities and businesses.  
We are excited to use group procurement to grow local participation in the mining supply chain.  While we source with world class suppliers from near and far we also bring value to communities with strategic partnerships that deliver more ownership, autonomy and capacity than traditional solutions.  

Tamarack works closely with communities where our members have mining operations, operates a supplier diversity program that advances Indigenous owned businesses, is a proud member of the Anishnawbe Business Professionals Association, and has a core business value to lead transformation in the mining supply space that sees new value propositions for community partners. 

Showcasing Soon: Community Stories

The mining ecosystem can't thrive without the support and participation of the communities in which it operates. Join us to explore these communities' relationships with the mining industry and learn how they're building long-term mutual value. 

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