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GPOs : The Power of Buying with a Group

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) pool the procurement of their members to obtain volume discounts from world-class suppliers. In addition to cost savings, GPOs create supply chain efficiencies and share commodity and cost insights with members. Widely found in healthcare, hospitality, government and education sectors, GPOs manage more than $500b in B2B procurement in North America, but only Tamarack brings the power of group purchasing to the mining industry.


As a mining-focused GPO, Tamarack is also invested in the growth of the supplier market and Indigenous communities that support the industry.  We can help improve IBA outcomes and local economic empowerment for members. Our GPO is a no-risk, free to use service. Simply, use the contracts you choose and we'll help you streamline your contracting processes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If Tamarack is a free service for members, how does a GPO get paid?

Tamarack’s revenue comes from suppliers via a transparent and easy to understand contract administration fee.

We consider our suppliers to be long-term partners. What will happen to my supplier relationships if I join Tamarack?

Your supplier relationships remain in place. We work with world class suppliers to establish master contracts, but in many cases the only thing that will change is the price you pay for goods and services. Suppliers benefit from contracting through Tamarack to secure large orders, lower their cost of sales and reduce their number of RFPs, however they still contract and serve members directly.

We have strict IBA commitments; can I still work with Tamarack?

Yes. Tamarack’s founders are committed to delivering value to our members by working with Indigenous businesses and communities. Our strategic alliance with OMX allows us to provide customized IBA reporting for members.

How do I know Tamarack is getting the best possible prices?

Tamarack’s sourcing team has deep technical and commercial sourcing experience, backed by our strategic partnership with ProPurchaser, a trusted resource procurement professionals use to speak with authority and reach their negotiation goals.

Does joining Tamarack mean I don’t need internal supply chain staff?

Tamarack complements and extends your internal supply chain team. Consider us partners, not an outsourcing provider. Our contract library and market intelligence saves you time and reduces RFP cycles, so your team can focus on strategic issues.

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