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A supplier's eye-view to working with Tamarack Mining Services - a new mining industry GPO

The client-customer relationship is the foundation of a successful business. When the materials being bought and sold are part of the mining industry, reliability, safety and price take on a heightened level of importance.

The mining eco-system in Ontario is robust. The Ontario Mining Association reports that there are roughly 900 mining supply and service companies in Ontario and Ontario mines spend almost 40% of their total procurement of goods and services from regional suppliers. Still, challenges exist for suppliers in this sector.

Serving remote clients, breaking into new sites and overcoming the administrative loop of responding to RFPs are all hurdles a GPO can offer solutions for.

Being a Tamarack supplier means:

- you have access to more markets (regional, national and international clients).

- you move large volumes at low cost of sales

- you can make RFP management a thing of the past

- you keep your supplier/customer relationship

Tamarack facilitates a relationship through master agreements and helps suppliers navigate the requirements of customers, but the relationship between supplier and customer is always respected and remains intact.

Working with Tamarack starts simply - just reach out! Suppliers negotiate a master agreement with Tamarack and once a contract is in place, direct customers begin ordering supplies and services. That's it! Suppliers and customers are matched, and suppliers fulfil and support their customers.

Contact us now to talk about becoming a supplier with Tamarack Mining Services!

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