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Procurement Takes Centre Stage – From Crisis To Innovation

Procurement in 2020 wasn't for the faint of heart.

Observing procurement from the outside in became a public past-time through the pandemic. Public interest tuned in to efficiencies, and supply chains and related news stories became click-bait for the general public. Whether it was tracking down specific soda drinks or hunting for antibacterial soap, the public was thinking about the who, where, why and how of supply chain.

And from the inside looking out, the supply chain experience of doing procurement during a global lockdown was surreal. Border closures, manufacturing shutdowns, disrupted shipping routes and changing regulations all converged to test procurement experts like never before.

Solutions up and down the procurement spectrum quickly followed. From the unexpected – an app that could calculate how much toilet paper a family would need to ride out the pandemic, to the urgent and necessary – miners that pivoted to acquire used equipment when their orders were disrupted, awareness of and appreciation for supply chains permeated our lives.

As the pandemic evolves and we move towards resolution (two step forwards, one step back), procurement remains, more than ever before, an essential service and recovery will hinge on innovation and success in the procurement space.

In the mining sector specifically, all eyes will be on procurement for the value it brings. The current emphasis is on keeping operations running smoothly as restrictions continue to bring disruption. Imminently the job will also be one of watchdog against rising costs as materials and supply prices are going up on the back of stimulus and recovery spending.

And behind all of this are the people who are making it happen, from mining sites to manufacturing plants and every point in between. The nature of this work and key part that it has played in an unprecedented time is reflected in how procurement specialists feel about their industry.

A recent survey from Beroe revealed that 60% of procurement specialists felt that the pandemic had no impact or actually improved procurement job prospects and more than 50% of procurement respondents said they were not concerned about layoffs during the pandemic.

This optimism is well-earned after everything accomplished and is also a nod to what lies ahead. Through this most unusual and unfortunate event, procurement has shown that innovation and reinvention are key to success.

For all these reasons - and because we think talking about, brainstorming around and implementing procurement solutions passes for fun – Tamarack is pleased to be growing its team of sourcing experts and up-and-coming sourcing enthusiasts. Visit to learn more about our opportunities and see how we are bringing innovation and reinvention to our corner of the sourcing and procurement world.

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