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The factors that push and pull products and prices underpin procurement decisions from the buying desk to the C-Suite. That's why Tamarack tracks markets, shares leading insights, partners with organizations to dive deeper into the data, and develops proprietary information to follow - and lead - the market. Tamarack's members receive an enhanced monthly edition of our mining market intelligence and analysis, providing more data and deeper insight.

Tamarack Mining Supply Index:  April 2023

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Index Movement

The Tamarack Mining Supply Mining Supply Index dips below 50 for the first time since September 2022. 

Industrial suppliers are feeling the pinch of a rocky economic outlook and miners are in a leverage position as demand for mining stays strong compared to other sectors. 



Now is a good time for miners to consider leveraging their volume by locking in longer contacts in strategic categories and utilizing group buying as a quick-win strategy for securing price and supply in an uncertain economic market.

  • Apart from global economic concerns, the mining industry is still a bright spot in the economy with a relentless quest for materials to support an energy transition

  • Perenti delivered good news to investors via contract extensions in Canada and Australia¹

  • Wajax announced 2022 fourth quarter and annual results, announcing record revenue, strong results from parts and repair services, robust prices and strong demand²





⁴ Reuters: Shell Recommends Shareholders Reject Climate Activist Resolution

  • Pressure continues to mount for Brenntag; now facing two activist investor groups demanding the company split its essentials and specialties businesses to improve profitability and address cost efficiencies, activist investors are also now demanding a seat on the board³

  • Oil and gas companies like Shell are bracing for profit challenges as economic uncertainty is signaling reduced demand 

  • The oil & gas industry is also facing pressure from climate activist shareholders seeking more stringent and rapid emissions cuts by 2030⁴

  • Economic uncertainty and fear of a slowing economy is taking a toll across categories such as mobile and equipment and fixed asset, categories that have tended to have a robust performance in the Index


Commodities:  April 2023

Should Cost Models

Cost Tracking Models: April 2023

Each model represents an estimated "should cost" based on its constituent components and inputs (i.e., commodity, labour, freight, etc). Sample cost models based on delivery to specific locations. Please enquire with Tamarack to learn more.

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We're always tracking new commodities and markets and developing new models for our buying community and we'd love to hear from you. Have a suggestion for a model?  Know of a publicly traded company that should be included in our index?  


Since 2001, ProPurchaser has been a trusted source for thousands of procurement professionals.  ProPurchaser tracks commodity cost drivers that affect suppliers' productions costs, and alerts members as changes occur.  When suppliers' costs fall, members use this information to negotiate lower prices; when costs rise, they fend off unsupportable increases.

Tamarack's members are eligible to a discounted rate on a ProPurchaser membership.

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